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Welcome to Hemi265.com the online store dedicated to the preservation and modification of the Chrysler Valiant Hemi 6 engines.

As these engines haven't been manufactured since 1981 replacement parts are becoming difficult to find, I guess the mainstream automotive aftermarket figured there would be no Hemi 6's left by the twenty-first century! But thanks to enthusiasts like yourself a large number are still alive and many are stronger than ever before!

We are fortunate that the standard engine is so strong in many areas that it lends itself so well to high performance modification and I trust that the proud history of the 265 in Australasian Motorsport will continue for many years to come.

As a long time Valiant enthusiast and with around fifteen years experience in the performance industry I have long had the desire to be involved with Chrysler Parts and an online store seemed to be the logical choice.

Having owned at least one 265 continually since 1985 I like to think that I'll still have one for the next 25 years but I'm continually hearing stories of frustration in purchasing performance parts, so I have decided to launch Hemi265.com in an effort to fill the gap in the market. I'm not interested in selling V8 stuff because my passion is the Hemi 6. Besides if you've got a V8 you can get whatever you want from the USA anyways, whereas the 265 is unique to this part of the world.

Hemi265.com will start off small but hopefully with your support it can grow to be your number one source of Valiant Hemi 6 parts!


Thanks for visiting,
Mike Norris





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