Lightweight H-Beam 6.200 Conrod, Forged Piston, Rings and Bearing Package for Serious Performance


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Forged Manley Pistons are only available to suit 3.937" bore size, they have Fully Floating Pins restrained with Spirolocks and featured modern design thin rings for minimum friction plus coated skirt.

Longer Rods provide a more apporiate Rod/Stroke ratio for mid to high RPM Street/Race engines.

Piston weight is significantly reduced so less energy is required to accelerate piston which results in improved horsepower and sharper response. 

Package includes 6.200 long H Beam Conrods with bushing for Fully Flaoting Pins and fitted with ARP Cap Screws, Forged Pistons,Moly Rings and also includes Race quality Conrod (Big end) Bearings.

In most applications deck will only need minimal machining to achieve zero deck.

This package weighs approx 1.7kg less than standard rods and pistons!




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